Cross Lake

If you’re thinking about visiting Cross Lake and want the convenience of a family-friendly, pet-friendly fully loaded nearby marina, consider starting your trip at Case Marina. Located on the Seneca River, Case Marina is the perfect launch point for exploring the beauty and fishing opportunities of Cross Lake.

With a maximum depth of 65 feet and 13.2 miles of shoreline, Cross Lake is a paradise for anglers. The lake is known for its large northern pike, and it’s not uncommon to reel in 15-pounders! White perch, common carp, and channel catfish are also abundant in the lake, and the main prey fish consist of white perch, yellow perch, and gizzard shad.

From Case Marina, you can easily set out to explore the beauty of Cross Lake. The peaceful surroundings and the chance to catch trophy-sized fish make a trip to Cross Lake an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just looking to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, a trip to Cross Lake is a must.

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